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Hello. My name is John Bumgardner. I am a software engineer at Cisco Systems and an avid open-source software developer. I am originally from Stanfield, North Carolina, a small rural agricultural community in the South Piedmont region of the state, but I now live in Raleigh, North Carolina.

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in technology. Growing up, I raced go-carts and dirt bikes with my dad, which piqued my initial interest in engineering. Later, however, my interests shifted away from mechanical systems and more to computer systems. In high school, I came across a textbook on C++ on a bookshelf in my house, and I soon (albeit with poor memory management) learned how to compose basic computer programs.

After graduating high school as a salutatorian, I attended North Carolina State University, where I double-majored in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. I was elected chair of the university's Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers student branch. As chair, I led the organization's push to establish a student-led scholarship for electrical and computer engineering students. While at NC State, I participated in my department's accelerated bachelors masters degree programming, allowing me to complete graduate coursework alongside my undergraduate studies. I graduated in May 2021, earning my two bachelor's degrees summa cum laude.

Because of the transferability of the graduate coursework I had already completed, I continued my academic studies at North Carolina State University, pursuing a Master's degree in Computer Engineering. I took coursework in many areas, but my core focus was on software development and computer networking. As a graduate student, I served as a teaching assistant for a course on Object-Oriented Design.

Throughout my academic career, I partook in many internships and research opportunities. I worked for Cree Lighting on their Intelligent Lighting team as a hardware engineer intern, the SAS Institute on their production security team as a Technical Intern, Amazon on an emerging unreleased project in their entertainment space as a Software Development Engineering Intern, and as a programmer for many research groups within the Engineering Department at NC State. These experiences helped me hone my technical skills and prepared me to join the workforce.

In my free time, I am still involved in computing. I manage an open-source learning management system centered around peer learning. I started working on the project during my senior year of college. Initially exposed to it during coursework, I continue to manage the project today. Aside from programming, I am an avid history buff, specifically regarding the history of North Carolina. I also enjoy exploring the state, sometimes even on my bike through the state's greenway system.


Cisco Systems

Software Engineer

Incoming New Graduate Engineer into the Customer Experience and Services team.


Software Development Engineering Intern

Developed full-stack web application in React and Java for personalization teams within an emerging Amazon Music project. Tool allowed data scientists to visualize the output of their algorithms.

NC State University - Department of Computer Science

Teaching Assistant

Provided technical assistance and mentorship for student projects in CSC 517 – Object Oriented Design and Development. Answered technical questions and help with Ruby on Rails program design

SAS Institute

Technical Intern

Supporting SAS production software such as SAS9 and Viya3 working on the Production Security and Engineering. Assisting in testing various deployments of SAS9.

FREEDM Systems Center/PowerAmerica

Software Engineering Research Assistant

Development of multithreaded embedded C applications. Used data structures and foreground-background algorithms to maintain high switching frequencies by utilizing timers and interrupts.

Cree Lighting

Intelligent Lighting Engineering Intern

Design of internal test board featuring 8-bit microcontroller (ATtiny1616) and wrote basic C firmware to increase test time of RF control sensors by 1600%.


North Carolina State University

August 2021 - May 2022

Master of Science in Computer Engineering

North Carolina State University

August 2017 - May 2021

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering


Lead Developer on Expertiza

Added sorting reviews and reports by an instructor to a web-based learning system where students can submit and peer review assignments. Increased test coverage, improve existing features, extend development environments, attend weekly standups, and found and corrected bugs leading to crashes. Project is written in Ruby on Rails.

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Contributor to Fat Free CRM

Improved search functionality allowing the use of multiword tags in queries. Wrote tests to affirm functionality on this open-source project. Fixed bugs leading to crashes on the Russian language version of the application. Project is written in Ruby on Rails.

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Congressional Accessibility Twitter Bot

Interfaced with Twitter API to monitor Twitter accounts of US Representatives and Senators and reply with publicly available contact information for constituents to raise questions and concerns. Developed and deployed using modern DevOps tools like Docker and AWS’s Elastic Compute Cloud. Programmed in Python.

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Peer-to-Peer Network with Centralized Index

Implemented a simple peer-to-peer file sharing system using sockets and multithreading. Used a simplified HTTP format along with TCP to facilitate messages between peers and the server.

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Go-Back-N File Transfer System

Implemented a basic file transfer system implementing the Go-Back-N Selective Repeat system. Studied impact of window size, packet size, and drop probability.

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JPEG Image Compression Software

Programmed a lossy image compression based on the JPEG standard. Utilized discrete cosine transforms to encode and decode compressed images.

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Advanced NBA Analytics Project

Studied advanced NBA metrics (Win-Shares, PER, VORP, Box Plus-Minus) and used Machine Learning to project team success

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Two Level DC-AC Converter Controller

Implemented the State Vector Pulse Width Modulation Control Scheme using a Texas Instrument DSP. Developed firmware using timer-based interrups and linked lists to achieve very fast and efficient switching frequencies designed to minimize total harmonic distortion.

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IoT Remote Controllable Car

Designed and developed software systems for TI – MSP430 microcontroller using the C programming language for a self-driving, WiFi enabled electrical car.

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